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Reason For Hope: Find the book that will start a revolution from within.


Reason For Hope . com was inspired by the book Reason For Hope by Jane Goodall. It is a site that strives to facilitate the belief in the world that we all have reason for hope in this age where suffering is exponentially increasing within sentient beings. A reason to smile; A reason to get involved; A reason to make a difference in the world. Getting involved in not only a joy, but a privilege.

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You can make a difference! 

Please visit our discussion area, and sign up to be a member. We are looking to discuss any interesting book you come across that fits the theme of this web site.

Featured Book: The Food Revolution by John Robbins: This is truly a revolutionary book that will open your eyes and heart to the ways in which you can help save the planet with every action you take. It dispels the helplessness of our time and gives us real tools in which we can make a difference. If there is any book you read, this should be the one.

Eternal TreblinkaSpecial Review: Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust: This is a powerful book that I recommend all our participants read. Please see more information on this incredible book with the link provided. This book offers us all ways to understand how violence against human & non-human animals contributes to the horror and suffering of all sentient beings. I never realized that the holocaust is only one of many taking place every day.

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Reason For Hope by Jane GoodallBooks of Interest. Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey by Jane Goodall. For more information on this book please link to

Every action we take and every word we speak is another pebble being dropped into the pond of life. The consequences spread out in ripples. Please make them count.

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"To leave the world a bit better... To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived... This is to have succeeded."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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